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Designed for reliability and simplicity, our products cater to dental professionals worldwide, helping streamline procedures and enhance patient care.

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Reciprocating Endodontic File System

HySolate Dental Dam

Upgrade your isolation

CanalPro X-Move

Wireless endo motor with two modes: complete rotation and reciprocating motion for all files.

HyFlex EDM Files

Utilizes advanced Electrical Discharge Machining for unique properties.


Submicron hybrid composite excels in sculptability, form stability, excellent polish, and lasting lustre.

Coltolux Comfort

Introducing the Coltolux Comfort—a simple to use, one-button, single-mode cordless curing light.


Top-notch Instructors. Gain insights from industry leaders who share their real-world experience.

Focus on Practical Skills. Walk away with the knowledge and confidence to implement new techniques immediately.

Flexible Learning Options. Choose hands-on workshops or convenient webinars (coming soon) to fit your schedule.

AGD PACE/ADA CERP Approved. Earn CE credits you can trust and fulfill your state's requirements.


COLTENE is a global leader in innovative dental equipment and consumables, dedicated to empowering dental professionals and improving oral health worldwide.


We are passionate about dentistry and driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of patients. We believe that by providing high-quality products and exceptional service, we can help dentists achieve their goals, deliver outstanding care, and create healthier smiles for everyone.

From restorative materials and endodontic instruments to rotary tools and implant solutions, COLTENE offers a comprehensive range of products to support every stage of the dental treatment process. We take pride in providing:

A diverse portfolio: Catering to various dental specialties and treatment needs.

Clinically proven solutions: Backed by research and trusted by dentists worldwide.

Ergonomic designs: Focused on efficiency and comfort for both patient and practitioner.

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At the heart of our mission lies a deep-seated dedication to empowering dental professionals and their patients. We envision a collaborative journey towards revolutionizing oral health, fostering a future where enhanced well-being and brighter smiles go hand in hand.

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