One File at a Glance

The HyFlex EDM

Achieve Reliable Results Quickly and Easily

Unmatched Flexibility and Fracture Resistance in a One File System

Stays on Track

Fewer Files Required

Extreme Fracture Resistance

Pre-Sterilized, Modular System


Effortless and Smart

The HyFlex EDM owes its unique properties to a breakthrough technology called ‚ÄúElectrical Discharge Machining‚ÄĚ. This innovative manufacturing process uses spark erosion to harden the surface of the NiTi file, resulting in superior fracture resistance and improved cutting efficiency. Just like HyFlex CM files, HyFlex

EDM files offer trusted controlled memory effect and regenerative properties.

Up to 700% higher fracture resistance

Uniquely hardened surface

Less filing required for treatment success


Efficient and Safe

for fast and reliable root canal preparation

for simple and complex root canals

enhances reproducibility and safety with one straightforward protocol

Take control in your hands

Everyday Endo Challenge

Dentists need to make many decisions before undertaking each endodontic treatment.


Our Solution ‚Äď Effortless and Smart

HyFlex EDM offers the dental practitioner enhanced ease of mechanical preparation of the root canal so that even newcomers to endodontics can achieve reliable results quickly and easily.


HyFlex File Technologies

HyFlex File Technologies

HyFlex EDM

Outstanding fracture resistance

HyFlex EDM files have a special surface and are characterized by their durability and high fracture resistance which they owe to the innovative ‚ÄúElectric¬†Discharge¬†Machining‚ÄĚ manufacturing process.


HyFlex CM

Controlled Memory

Thanks to “Controlled Memory" properties, HyFlex EDM files follow the anatomy of the canal, which can significantly reduce the risk of ledging, transportation and perforation.


Transform Your Root Canal Procedures!

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