One RECI files

Reciprocating Endodontic File System

Innovative Reciprocal File for Dentists

An increasing number of dentists are noting that the reciprocating motion offers enhanced comfort and safety. This instrument combines MicroMega's expertise and wisdom, featuring a patented cutting section, C.Wire heat treatment, and a wire diameter that is minimally invasive.

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Single File in Reciprocating Motion


Cutting efficiency: patented asymmetric cross-section

Safety: cyclic fatigue resistance

Flexibility: respect of root canal anatomy thanks to the C.Wire heat treatment

Minimally invasive: preservation of peri-cervical area and reduction of the mechanical impact on
the dental tissue thanks to the 1 mm wire diameter.

Reciprocating Endodontic File System

COLTENE MicroMega is responding to the needs of dentists with its new reciprocal file, carefully designed to meet your needs and specifications, including:

Single file

Sterile blister

5 sizes (20/.04, 25/.04, 25/.06, 35/.04, 45/.04)

3 lengths: > 21 mm, > 25 mm, > 31 mm


Transform Your Root Canal Procedures!

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