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Coltolux Comfort

Simple. Efficient. Reliable.


Introducing the Coltolux Comfort—a simple to use, one-button, single-mode cordless curing light. Its powerful 1,200mW/cm2 irradiance is compatible with all Camphorquinone-based photoinitiators.


EASY-TO-USE Single Button


Single Curing Mode

Buy 1 Coltolux Comfort curing light,

Get 3 BRILLIANT EverGlow Refills

(tips, syringes, flow)

Crafted for both dentist and patient! This lightweight, ergonomic tool not only minimizes hand and arm strain but also ensures a comfortable patient experience.

Its unique flat tip 90º angle effortlessly reaches the posterior areas, and the revamped intraoral light shield positions flush with the curing plane, safeguarding against reflected blue light from the tooth surface. Plus, it's designed with enhanced infection control in mind, fitting perfectly beneath barrier sleeves.

20 Second Curing Cycles

Power your procedures with a battery that lasts, offering up to 120, 20-second curing cycles on a full charge. Its 11mm curing diameter ensures a consistent and dependable curing process. Crafted with durable materials, the Coltolux Comfort is a breeze to disinfect, ensuring the utmost safety for your practice. Choose Coltolux Comfort—where innovation meets comfort.


USER Replaceable Battery


NON-CONTACT inductive charging is

durable and protects against corrosion


Large 11mm lens diameter creates homogenous beam profile, for uniform curing over entire surface

Low-profile head with 90-degree bend, allowing for easier access when working in posterior regions

Lightweight and ergonomic

Additional Features

30% lighter than the Coltolux LED

The intraoral light shield is specially designed to allow placement of the lens flush with the curing plane

Minimum of 120, 20-second curing cycles with fully charged battery

Charger base includes integrated light ring to provide a clear indication of charge status, regardless of base orientation

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