Dental Dam

Upgrade your isolation



Dental Dam

Upgrade your isolation


Upgrade Your Isolation

Complete isolation using Hysolate Latex Dental Dam is key in Restorative and Endodontic dentistry for ensuring a dry field, leading to dependable, high-quality treatments.

It prevents patient exposure to foreign materials, protects soft tissues, and acts as an effective infection control barrier, reducing airborne particles and contaminated aerosols. COLTENE has offered a wide range of top-quality dental dams, clamps, and accessories for decades.

Enhance isolation with COLTENE.


Isolation Simplified: Your Guide to Dental Dam Solutions

Discover the perfect blend of simplicity, quality, and comprehensive care for all your clinical needs

Comprehensive: We offer a complete line of products to help isolate in each clinical situation.

Simple: Dental dam application is a simple process.

Solution Driven: Our premium products are designed for optimal isolation, bridging treatment needs with effective solutions and educational resources.

Key Advantages of Our Dental Dam Solutions

Experience unmatched efficiency and safety in every procedure. Our products ensure a seamless fit for your clinical demands, offering both protection and precision.

Absolute dryness

Unblocked field of vision on the treatment area

Safety and protection


HySolate Non-Latex


Dental Dam Standard Non-Latex

Made of a resistant material with latex resembling retraction properties. Ideal for strong retraction.


Flexi Dam Non-Latex

HySolate Flexi Dam Non-Latex is made of an elastomer and performs with high elasticity while tension is moderate. Extra elastic and latex-free dental dam for soft retraction.


Flexi Dam Framed Non-Latex

HySolate Flexi Dam Framed is equipped with a built-in frame. You can get started without the need to have a frame at hand. The flexible frame is designed with working size of 100 x 105 mm to ensure for easy fitting.

HySolate Latex


Latex Dental Dam

HySolate Latex Dental Dam is made of pure, natural rubber latex and is powder free.1 Powder free, low protein dental dam is a simple and clever measure to reduce the risk of developing latex hypersensitivity.


Latex Dental Dam BLACK EDITION pre-printed

The black dental dam has the template for marking the tooth position printed on. This saves the working step of marking the dam before punching. The black color provides ultimate, clear contrast and is ideal for taking photographs.


Fiesta Latex Dental Dam

Use fruit-scented, powder-free HySolate Latex Dental Dam for greater patient and staff comfort. Each box contains an assortment of purple, blue, and pink colored sheets.

Clinician Specials

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Elevate Your Isolation Techniques!

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